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NOTE:  The best way to purchase CDs and books is to buy them directly from the artists if they have them, so that they receive the full proceeds after they purchase them from the record companies or publishers.  So please check for availability from the musicians at concerts and other public events, or if you can’t get to them, in Henry’s case, <Email >.  Thank you!


ON CD (+ 1 DVD) !!

Henry Grimes Solo, double CD set on ILK Music (#151 CD), released January 2009, #151 CD.

Henry’s astounding, impassioned non-stop 2&1/2-hour-plus bass and violin session for ILK Music (Denmark) that took place in March 2008.

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Profound Sound Trio “Opus de Life,” Andrew Cyrille (drums), Paul Dunmall (tenor saxophone, bagpipes), and Henry Grimes (acoustic bass and violin), released June 2009, Porter Records (PRCD-4O32).

We are also very proud to announce the release of the Profound Sound Trio’s thrilling Vision Festival concert of June 2008.

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Henry Grimes and Rashied Ali, “Spirits Aloft,” Henry Grimes (ldr, bass, violin, poetry) and Rashied Ali (drum kit). Recorded February 7, 2OO9 at the Gordon Theatre, Camden Center for the Arts, Rutgers University; Porter Records (PRCD-4O49), porterrecords98.

The culminating recorded achievement of these giants as a duo, since Rashied Ali left this life a few months later. They shared three recordings, five duo concerts, one trio concert, a duo residency, and a lot of love and inspiration.

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Roswell Rudd’s Trombone Tribe, featuring Roswell Rudd, Steve Swell, Deborah Weisz, Henry Grimes, Bob Stewart, Barry Altschul, and several others on various cuts, on the Sunnyside / Soundscape label (SSC #12O7 CD); PLEASE NOTE that Henry Grimes only plays on a few of the pieces on this CD, and it’s hard to sort out the credits in the booklet.

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Henry Grimes & Rashied Ali, “Going to the Ritual,” released in July, ‘O8 on Porter Records (PRCD 4005), recorded at WKCR studios, Columbia University, NYC, March 2Oth, 2OO7.

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HENRY GRIMES TRIO – Live at the Kerava Jazz Festival, featuring David Murray & Hamid Drake, ‘O4 on Ayler Records (aylCD-028), the first label release by the NEW Henry Grimes.

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Marc Ribot’s Spiritual Unity w/ Roy Campbell, Jr., Chad Taylor, & featuring Henry Grimes, ‘O4, music by Albert Ayler and Marc Ribot, Pi Recordings #15.

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Henry Grimes, “More Call”: The first new issue of NEW Henry Grimes music, a private-issue CD of the finale to the WKCR-FM Henry Grimes radio festival, an hour-long bass solo (WKCR studios, NYC, ‘O3), each CD featuring a hand-drawn design by Henry Grimes himself. These are not reproductions; each drawing is unique.

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Oluyemi Thomas (various instruments) & Henry Grimes (bass), “The Power of Light,” recorded in concert in Pittsburgh, PA on July 1, ‘O6, released on Not Two Records (#MW 787-2).

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William Parker Bass Quartet, “Requiem,” w/ Henry Grimes, William Parker, Alan Silva, & Sirone playing basses plus Charles Gayle playing alto saxophone in concert at Vision Festival ‘O4, released as Splasc(h) World #H885 in ‘O6.

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Luis Perdomo, “Awareness,” w/ Henry Grimes, Hans Glawishnig, Eric McPherson, & Nasheet Waits, released on RKM Music in ‘O6.

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Monk Mix: Remixes and Reinterpretations of Music by Meredith Monk, w/ tracks by Bjork, King Britt, Don Byron, Latasha Nevada Diggs, Scanner Entwine, Henry Grimes, Miho Hatori, John Hollenbeck and Theo Bleckmann, Vijay Iyer, Rubin Kodheli, Arto Lindsay, Matt Marks, Paul Miller (DJ Spooky), Meredith Monk, High Priest / HPRIZM Ghostlover, Lee Ranaldo, DJ Rekha and RajStar, Todd Reynolds, Shodekeh’s Embody & Continuums, Caetano Veloso, and Pamela Z, released as Monk Mix by the House Foundation for the Arts in 2O12.

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Date:  June / July, 2O12
Marc Ribot Trio Live at the Village Vanguard” with Henry Grimes and Chad Taylor, recorded in concert and released on the Pi Recordings label on both CD and vinyl May 13, 2O14, purchase from pirecordings or anywhere “jazz” recordings are sold;



Date:  May 17th, 2O12

Henry Grimes
, “The Tone of Wonder”©, limited edition all-acoustic solo improvisation (upright bass, violin) recorded at Lo Spazio, Poschiavo, Switzerland in May, 2013, with art work and poetry by Henry Grimes inside and on the back of the fold-out cover, released in 2014 on the Uncool Edition label, #2, purchase from [uncool]


Jamaaladeen Tacuma w/ Nazir Ebo, Justin Faulkner, Henry Grimes, Tim Motzer, Odean Pope, & Heru Shabaka-ra, “Spark / Fire” (2015), released by Jam All Productions, available from


(L-R) Aaron Ibn Pori Pitts, Avreeayl Ra, Henry Grimes, Andrew Lamb, on tour in Indiana, ‘O5, photo by Mark Sheldon

The Henry Grimes Trio: “For Ibn Pori”featuring Henry Grimes (leader, acoustic bass), Andrew Lamb (tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet, small instruments), Avreeayl Ra (drum kit, percussion, bamboo flute, mbira, small instruments), and special guest Aaron Ibn Pori Pitts (spoken word), recorded by Mike Chrastil, Production Director, and broadcast over WFHB, Bloomington, Indiana in 2OO5. This is a limited-edition collector’s item CD available only from Aaron Ibn Pori Pitts’s family as a fund-raiser to help with his medical expenses; the musicians have waived all compensation for this recording. Tragically, Ibn Pori suffered a massive stroke in 2OO8 at a dear friend’s funeral, and was in a coma for more than a year.  Then, miraculously, Ibn Pori gradually came out of the coma, though he has terrrible stroke damage and has been confined to a wheelchair and full-time nursing-home care since then.  As he grows stronger (and he does!), some big events dedicated to him and for his benefit are taking shape.  For more information, please see thewright and FacebookFriends-of-Ibn-Pori-Pitts, contact <Email> or <Email> — and please stand by for news of the upcoming release of “For Ibn Pori” on vinyl with a beautiful accompanying book, to include the magnificent words and illustrations of Aaron Ibn Pori Pitts!  Asante sana!

Aaron Ibn Pori Pitts comes from an extraordinarily gifted family of 1O children. He was one of the forerunner artists/ poet-performers/ printmakers / video documentarians of the Black Arts movement of the ‘6O’s, especially his Ogun urban monument projects (site-specific sculptural and performance-space memories). He’s shown and performed at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Cranbrook Museum of Art, National Center of African American Artists, Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History, Research Institute of African and African Diaspora Arts, Pitch Black Community Arts Institute, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and numerous galleries and exhibition spaces nationally and internationally. He has toured the Midwest with master jazz musician Henry Grimes and his trio, as well as collaborating with many of Detroit’s finest jazz musicians. “Black Graphics International” was Ibn Pori’s first magazine of the arts; he later became an independent publisher of books/ videos/ fine-arts catalogues / poetry. His public murals have been documented in Camilo Jose’ Vergara’s photo book “American Ruins, African American Motifs by the Dreamkeeper, Aaron Ibn Pori Pitts,” published in anthologies by Wayne State University Press and Broadside Press. The “Detroit MetroTimes” named him Artist of the Year in ‘O6; please read the article by Rebecca Mazzei at



Fred Anderson, “21st Century Chase” DVD, featuring Fred Anderson, Harrison Bankhead, Henry Grimes, Edward “Kidd” Jordan, Jeff Parker, and Chad Taylor, recorded March 22, 2OO9 in concert at Fred Anderson’s Velvet Lounge in Chicago in celebration of his 8Oth birthday, out on delmark (DVD-1589).

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Date: February 17, 2011
Location: in concert at Roulette, New York City
Label: t.b.a.
Roscoe Mitchell (ldr, saxophones), Dave Burrell (piano), Henry Grimes (bass, violin), Tani Tabbal (drums)

Henry Grimes and Wadada Leo Smith, recorded in concert in NYC at Zurcher Studio in 2O11 and at the Vision Festival in NYC in 2O12, label to be announced…


Henry Grimes‘s first published book of poetry, “Signs Along the Road”

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Purchase from:  SPD Books.

NOTE: We still have around 9O hand-written notebooks of Henry’s writings to be transcribed and published, and Henry continues to write almost daily, so we are looking for a good book contract so more Henry Grimes books can be published!  And we are also looking for expert volunteer transcribers who can deal with nearly illegible pencil handwriting, made-up words, lots of cross-outs, erasures, etc.  So please Email if you can help with either or both needs:  Margaret Grimes, <Email>.

“Music to Silence to Music:  A Biography of Henry Grimes” by Barbara Frenz, foreword by Sonny Rollins, is available from <parkwestpubs> in the U.S. and from <inpressbooks> in Europe, and from Amazon <>, as well as in many bookstores and libraries.

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NOTE:  Downtown Music Gallery is no longer recommended as a source for Henry Grimes recordings, because they have people burning copies, scanning art work, shrink-wrapping the results, and selling them at full price, sometimes with mysteriously acquired additional material, and they also sell bootleg recordings released by shadow “record companies” — and they are paying Henry Grimes nothing from the proceeds, nothing at all.   We can’t say whether they are paying other musicians, but they are definitely not paying Henry, and neither are the bootleg record companies…   Caveat emptor!


“Sublime Communication,” a CD release recorded in the WKCR studios on July 16, ‘O4 by the Henry Grimes Trio featuring Andrew Lamb & Newman Taylor Baker (chosen “best jazz trio of the year” in ‘O4 by New York Press!), contact Margaret Grimes at <Email> for purchase.

The Henry Grimes Trio featuring Andrew Lamb & Newman Taylor Baker (chosen “best jazz trio of the year” by New York Press in ‘O4), “Sublime Communication 2,” live from Edgefest, Ann Arbor, Oct., ‘O5, contact Margaret Grimes at <Email> for purchase.

Dennis Gonzalez’s Inspiration Band CD entitled “Nile River Suite,” a beautiful quintet recording featuring Roy Campbell, Jr., Sabir Mateen, Michael Thompson, and special guest Henry Grimes, ‘O3. Please contact Dennis Gonzalez at DennisGonzalezx [at] for purchase information.

For bookings, high-resolution photos, interviews, further information, or to purchase a recording or book by the NEW Henry Grimes, please contact Margaret Davis Grimes: Email, voicemail 212-841-O899