Henry Grimes at home, holidays 2015, photo by Aksel Theilkuhl

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Henry Grimes and Wadada Leo Smith, recorded in concert at Vision Festival 17 held at Roulette in Brooklyn June 15, 2012, and at Zurcher Galerie artists’ studio in Manhattan July 10, 2011, label to be announced;


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Susannah Grace Reid, 7/16/66 – 12/16/14,
photo by Corey Snyder

 We are heartbroken because our beloved youngest daughter Susannah died of cancer in hospice care in Spencer, West Virginia on Dec. 16th, 2014.  She had been living in the Appalachian Mountains near Spencer for many years with her husband James Reid and now-14-year-old son James Elijah.

A student of the arts in New York City from early childhood, Susannah studied at American Ballet Theatre School, JoJo’s Dance Factory, and the High School of Performing Arts, but her promising career in dance was sidelined due to a structural defect in her kneecaps.  She was also a wonderful singer / guitarist and cartoonist beginning in childhood.  Once out of high school, after traveling and independent study, Susannah became an instructor for the West Virginia Martial Arts Association and taught children’s Kung Fu and self-defense.  She volunteered as a dance teacher at Reedy Elementary, as an assistant to American Bandstand, and made many contributions to the arts over the years.  In 2012, while undergoing cancer treatment, she became a certified Zumba instructor.

Professionally, Susannah was a proofreader for Scholastic, Harper Collins, St. Martin’s Press, and Random House, and though she never worked on the computer, these top publishing companies would mail their manuscripts to her home and wait for her to return them with handwritten proof marks and comments, because her work was of such superb quality.  In West Virginia, Susannah also worked for AppaLight, as a freelance writer, and as a volunteer member of the Board of Directors of Good Shepherd Hospice.

Susannah had a terrible cancer condition called leiomyosarcoma that manifested itself in her late 30s, and for her last seven years she went from surgery to chemotherapy to radiation and back around, each time physically devastated by the treatments, as well as the relentless progression of the disease, but she would force herself out of bed to start exercising again and practicing and teaching martial arts and dancing the zuumba even in her hospice room near the very end, and receiving any and all who wanted to visit her until she was too exhausted to continue.  But somehow, right up until the end, she would climb on top of it all each time, ride it out, and make one astonishing comeback after another for seven long years.  She is a huge inspiration to everyone who ever knew her.  We love her so much.  (Henry is not Susannah’s genetic father, but he is her father in every other way, and likewise, Susannah is Henry’s daughter in every other way except genetically.)

Please donate to her beloved son James Elijah Reid’s education fund if you can, any amount at all, at ugift, and enter code 638-Y3D, the name James Reid, and account number 65490020501 on the ugift site.  Susannah could not possibly have been prouder of her son and believed so strongly that the hunger for knowledge, and its acquisition, make us free.  Thank you.

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